If you have questions regarding either the DMEA Traditional or Electronic Music/Music Production Competitions, please send them to mr.tedean@me.com 

Those questions and answers will be posted here for all to review!

Q- Who should I contact if I have any questions about this new program?
A - Contact Tom Dean at mr.tedean@me.com

Q- Must the composition be the work of one person, or may several collaborate on a single composition?

A- The Composition submitted for either the traditional or the Electronic Music/Music Production contest may be the work of one person, two people or a group of individuals  (yes - it might even be a "class composition").  There is no additional fee - as the fee is for each submission - not for each person.

Q - So you can really make your own type of song? And if you can will you guys play all of the songs for review and the reviewing? So can you use garage band for it or do you have to use something else? And do you need it in a cd or in an email?

A-If you are doing the electronic music/music production track - than yes to your own type of song.  We realize that music of this genre is different and many times reflects more of what is going on the "pop" world (especially in music production).  Each piece submitted in that category will be considered, reviewed by all of the judges and comments made back to the composers (in addition to "placing" each submission withinits age grouping).  The compositions will be judged on the criteria described on the web site.

You may use GarageBand or any other DAW to create and in lieu of a traditional score, you will instead submit the arrange window and a track listing.  Currently, we are asking for an audio CD - this way, we are ensured of judging the work at the top audio level - .wav or .aiff instead of an MP3 which could do substantial damage to the sound the composer wanted.  A .wav or .aiff file would normally be too large to send by email.

Q- Must I be sponsored by a member of the DMEA?

A - Yes, each submission must be accompanied by an application and a DMEA member must sponsor a student.  The DMEA member is required to confirm their membership by giving their NAfME membership number and expiration date.