The DMEA would like to announce the winners of the 4th Annual DMEA Traditional and Electronic Music Composition Contest for the 2018-19 school year.

The DMEA would like to congratulate all of the young musicians who submitted entries for the marvelous creativity and compositional skill that they exhibited through their compositions. The adjudicators were once again floored at the level of the musical creativity and musical writing demonstrated by the participants and had a very difficult time making their decisions. The DMEA would also like to acknowledge the members who sponsored and supported their students through the process.

The winners compositions were played prior to the r All-State Concerts during this school year as well as receiving a years subscription to Finale (traditional) or Pro-Tools (electronic) or a $100.00 stipend to help fund their continued study into composition.

2019 DMEA Young Composers Contest Winners

Elementary Division

The winner in this division was Freya Banzhaf from the Caravel Academy with a composition titled: Daydream which is written for clarinet and piano. The sponsoring DMEA member is Michaela Salerni

High School Electronic Music/Music Production

The winner in this division and level is Matthew Chen. This is Matthew's third year of participating in the Young Composers Contest. Matthew attends Caravel Academy and the sponsoring DMEA member is William Merritt, Jr.  The name of the compositon is: “Shatter”

High School Traditional Composition

The winner in this division and level is Jasmine Bryant.  This is Jasmine's third year of participating and the third year winning in this division. Jasmine attends Caesar Rodney High School and the sponsoring DMEA member is DuWane Sandlin. The composition is entitled Bliss and is written for flute, violin, cello, and piano. This composition also won a national composition competition in 2018!